Rolex Submariner 5513 Meters First Underline Gilt Swiss Only

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With the production of the 5513 beginning in 1962 and ending in 1989, it had a very long run. However, the absolute rarity of this particular dial combination is what makes this 5513 so desirable.

There is one detail that makes this 5513 arguably more attractive than the 5512: it has 2-lines of text instead of 4-lines due to the lack of “Superlative Officially Certified Chronometer,” which is found on the majority of 5512 Submariners from 1963. The result is a cleaner look due to no chronometer markings.

Additionally, the caliber 1530s have a Breguet overcoil versus a traditional flat hairspring. And even though the movement was released in the late 1950s with 17-jewels, it was subsequently upgraded to 25 and 26-jewel configurations.

The 1520 movement powered 5513 Rolexes until they were retired in 1989 and replaced by Ref. 14060 which also represented the beginning of the caliber 3000 series of movements still in production today.

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